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Hello, my Webflow friends! Got a new clone to share with you all! I wanted to make a project that touched on the medical field (I've been an X-ray tech for 15 years!). Had this vision of having a hero image that breaks the heading and once I found this dashing lad, I was in love lol. Really love how the color palette and headings give a modern, relaxing feel. Makes the proposed chiropractic office come off as more high-end and a place where I'd receive excellent care and service. Of course, I can never miss the chance to add terrible puns and dad jokes to my personal projects lol. This project was made using some of my favorite new tools. For the design, I mainly used a Figma UI kit called "Untitled UI", and then built utilizing the Relume Library. Both are FANTASTIC tools to help your productivity. Hope you enjoy the site! Feel free to clone it and use it as you like. (Images were taken from and (Icons from Unititled UI and Cabana).

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