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On the eighth day of the 12 Days of Evil Goodies, the Evil Twins gave me... a tasty treat for all to enjoy during the holidays. The Community Recipes project was created to garner recipes from members of the community throughout the globe. The project includes recipes from Eric W Odom, Danny Guerin, Lauren Harris, Jon Saxton, Lysh Lau, and other community members. Share your favourite recipe with us on Twitter - @EvilTwinsStudio. Thank you to Maria Martins from the Flow Party for providing the incredible design for this website! Follow Maria on Twitter - @MariaMartinsPT. — Evil Twins is a full-stack, digital experience studio crafting modern solutions for online mediums—and the occasional traditional medium. An award-winning studio, Evil Twins was founded by a seasoned multidisciplinary designer, Rahul Islam of London, United Kingdom, and Ben Sabic, a Chartered Marketer candidate from Winnipeg, Canada.

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