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Your Website with Superpowers Say hello to the Webflow Webhook Generator by Evil Twins, a no-code solution to create custom webhooks for your Webflow sites. Send data from multiple forms on your site to different sources, sync your Webflow CMS with Airtable or Google Sheets, get notified about user account updates, record e-commerce purchases in an external order manager, plus more. Take Webflow Logic in your project to the next level. Trigger a flow in Logic when a collection item is changed, a user account in Memberships is added or updated, e-commerce orders are completed, and other trigger capabilities. Update your HubSpot CRM when a user account or collection item is changed, keep a backup of your CMS images in Dropbox, and publish a Twitter or Instagram post when something happens. — Create a custom webhook for your Webflow site in seconds *without* an API key. * eviltwins.studio/webhook * — Shoutout to Devin Fountain from Good Time Agency for the animated preloader.

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