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FABRICS is the fastest way to get kick-butt site with an online shop. The site has been designed to feel custom and to be easy for anyone to edit like no other. It uses Ecwid to embed your shop into the Webflow site. -- WHAT IS A MINMSITE? -- This template is what I'm calling a Minimsite and it's built for small businesses who doesn't have time to build a website, needs it done fast, but also can't afford a custom site. It has all the bells and whistles of a custom site but it also super easy to edit and add your story and images using Webflow's Editor. Minimsites are built with extra work put into making them the easiest to edit and each site can be live in a FEW HOURS or LESS. If you know anyone looking for a quick site, that can't afford to go custom please let them know about Minimsites! Learn more at

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