The Ultimate Webflow Forms UI Kit

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Goal: Create the highest quality UI Kit for Webflow forms. I'll be regularly updating this project for the next 90 days or so. Please submit your feature requests and feedback to There are sooooo many excellent projects on the showcase today, but nothing that collections the best Webflow Form elements in one place. It'll take a few weeks to finish, so I decided to share it early to collect feedback and ideas. I'll post a mini-cloneable project each time I finish a section or exciting component. Please like/clone this project to help others find it too! Planned input types: → Button → Checkbox → Color picker → Date selector → Date and time selector → Email input → File uploader → Hidden input → Image button → Month and year selector → Numeric input → Password input → Radio button → Slider → Reset button → Search input → Submit button → Telephone input → Text input → Time selector → URL input → Week and year selector

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