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✅ Goal 1: Create the highest quality UI Kit for Webflow forms. (clone it here https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/form-ui-kits) ✅ Goal 2: Make it dark mode. There are sooooo many excellent projects on the showcase today, but nothing that collections the best Webflow Form elements in one place. It'll take a few weeks to finish, so I decided to share it early to collect feedback and ideas. I'll post a mini-cloneable project each time I finish a section or exciting component. Please like/clone this project to help others find it too! Planned input types: → Button → Checkbox → Color picker → Date selector → Date and time selector → Email input → File uploader → Hidden input → Image button → Month and year selector → Numeric input → Password input → Radio button → Slider → Reset button → Search input → Submit button → Telephone input → Text input → Time selector → URL input → Week and year selector

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