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Client-first Template 1 is perfect for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. This is a resource released alongside our Client-first Style System for Webflow, a naming convention for every person, for every project. Client-first style system is a set of guidelines and strategies to help you build Webflow websites in a clean, organized, and scalable way. Client-first uses clearly named classes to make your projects marketer-friendly and is perfect for beginners and experts. Our builds use REM units to improve the website’s accessibility and responsiveness. Features: ➡️ 10 static and 1 CMS pages ➡️ Open-source design license ➡️ Follows the Client-first Webflow style system More info: What is Client-first? Full docs: 🎁 Get the Figma file: Made with 💪 by Finsweet

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