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The best of both worlds: Wizardry em-based fluid scaling with Client-first class structure and naming conventions. We created this template a few months ago as our agency's latest starter template, and it has been great. We have been longtime users of the Wizardry em-based methodology but loved the idea of Client-first structure and naming. So we combined the two into this template. Thought y'all might get some use out of it too. The main area where we hybridised the two systems is in sticking with REM units for small text elements, so that on desktop they don't end up too small on low-resolution screens. We also design our mockups at 1440px and in the template set the body font size to 1.111vw – which is equivalent to 16px for simple px-to-em conversion – and then set any font sizes in ems relative to 16px. Interestingly Wizardry 2.0 has taken the same approach; and I can attest to the fact it certainly makes things more manageable, with memorable and recognisable em units.

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