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Fully Customizable Live Stream Commenting šŸŒŸ Bring the dynamic world of live stream commenting to Webflow! Inspired by platforms like Zoom, YouTube, and Twitch. Dive into a world where every comment counts, and interaction is in real-time. Key Features: ā†’ Tailored for Live Streams: Inspired by top streaming platforms, perfect for engaging audiences. ā†’ Real-Time Interaction: Watch comments flow in live, creating a vibrant community feel. ā†’ Seamless Integration: Effortlessly blends with your Webflow project, maintaining your unique style. Other Features: ā†’ Dynamic Comment Flow: Newest comments appear at the bottom, pushing up older ones for easy tracking. ā†’ 100% Customizable UI: Adapt the design to fit the vibe of your live stream. ā†’ Easy Setup: Quick integration with Memberstack, supported by our comprehensive tutorial and help center. Tutorial video ā†’ In the project. Help Center Article ā†’

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