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Here's our new comment section for members to leave feedback. It's got a straightforward layout, big heart buttons for likes, and no downvotes to keep things positive. The design is simple – white cards with a bit of shadow. Plus, there are nested replies to keep conversations organized. It's all powered by Memberstack. What's Cool About It: → All About the Likes: Big hearts for positive vibes. → Simple and Clean: Easy on the eyes with a white, shadowed design. → Just the Good Stuff: No downvotes, so everyone stays upbeat. → Neat Replies: Nested comments keep the chat tidy. Why You'll Like It: → Comments appear in real-time → Keeps your community happy and engaged. → Easy to add to your site with Memberstack. Ready to make your member feedback more fun? Check out our quick guide to get it rolling. Tutorial video → In the project. Help Center Article →

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