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Introducing MyRoof, the future of solar roofing. This innovative project was exquisitely designed in Figma and brought to life with the help of Client-First from FinSweet. MyRoof represents a paradigm shift in roofing, where conventional protection and the benefits of solar power are seamlessly integrated​. MyRoof is more than just an aesthetic feature. It is an economically viable solution, generating electricity to cover its costs and provide free energy. It's a unique construction that replaces both traditional roofing and solar panels. The result is a seamless, easy-to-install solution that covers a larger part of the roof than typical solar panels. The design of MyRoof is not just ergonomic, but visually stunning as well. State-of-the-art technology has been used to create a design that stands out. The monocrystalline panels used in MyRoof outperform less advanced polycrystalline alternatives, adding to its effectiveness​.

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