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(DUTCH WEBSITE) In 2017 the Flemish Government took the problems of the traditional system of student transport to heart and proposed a new approach in the concept note 'Pupil transport: special education' or ‘Leerlingenvervoer: buitengewoon onderwijs’. The approach aims to better respond to the needs of the students. Local consultation and autonomy are central to this. Problem A lot of information needs to be communicated to the right users. The users being parents, childeren, schools, daycares, ... 

All the information was distributed via a simple flyer, a flyer that was in need for an update. Or maybe a transformation. Solution Build an informative website that speaks to all of it’s users! Providing everything one specific user needs in just a few clicks. 
Usability, inclusivity and being informative are key points in creating this website. 

Creating a safe place where information can be found by anyone.

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