Webflow Logic - Agency Project Requests Tracker

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Note: In order to use this cloneable, you need access to Logic beta. Anyone can sign up here: https://webflow.com/logic This is a cloneable project for agencies and other businesses that need a way to keep track of client requests and tickets. This project was built to demonstrate a common use case for Webflow Logic (currently in beta) --user generated content. One example of what you can automate with Logic is: Client submits a form with their request > creates new CMS item > Auto-populates on the site > sends email notification to admins. In fact, this logic flow is already built out in this site for your reference! Logic brings the power of automation natively in Webflow, providing the building blocks for customers to create more impactful end-to-end experiences within their sites. You can keep an eye on https://webflow.com/logic to stay updated.

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