Webflow Logic: Marketing Site with Client Testimonials

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Note: In order to use this cloneable, you need access to Logic beta. Anyone can sign up here: https://webflow.com/logic Creator: Aditi Desai, twitter.com/proteen_me This is a cloneable project for marketing sites that allow customers to submit testimonials. In this case, if the testimonials are 4 stars or higher, they will be published on the site. If the review is lower than 4 stars and feedback is included, a team member is notified with the details. This project was built to demonstrate a common use case for Webflow Logic (currently in beta) --user generated content. One example of what you can automate with Logic is: User submits a form > Creates CMS item > Conditions based on the data inputs > Send email notification to the team. In fact, this logic flow is already built out in this site for your reference! Logic brings the power of automation natively in Webflow. Learn more: https://webflow.com/logic

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