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It has been a dream come true to work with Jared, Emily, Jeff, and Eugene to design, develop, and launch the new Rojas Trucks website. We have a lot more planned and in the works for this year, too. From working with Eugene to finalize lighting and materials on the truck models to brand and site design with Emily and Jeff, then personally handling all photography, interactive 3D modeling (of Jared's patented skate truck designs), and site development, it was a lot of fun with many learning experiences. Then, integrating Shopify with Webflow, using Shopyflow to create a custom storefront running on a Shopify backend, gave us full control of the design and front-end experience. It was a lot of fun to build an experience where riders can determine the best bushing options for them through our bushing configurator, which auto-selects that product option after visitors enter their information.

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