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Sarac Granit stands as a testament to five generations of dedication in crafting superior stone-based products. With their storied lineage, they've perfected the synthesis of luxury and durability, promising both visual appeal and longevity. Our role was to encapsulate this rich heritage and commitment into a digital experience. Beginning with UX/UI design, we ensured an intuitive user journey that would capture the essence of Sarac Granit. From there, we expanded into web design and development, crafting a digital space that showcases their expertise and partnership with industry giants like TechniStone and Antolini. Seamlessly integrating SEO and content writing, we positioned Sarac Granit to not only narrate their story but also to rank prominently in search results, amplifying their online visibility and reach. This comprehensive approach has transformed their digital presence, aligning it with the timeless quality they bring to their craft.

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