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**Coming Soon** SLIDERS - 3 complete however just waiting to implement them on their own page. 17/05/2021 Since using webflow and creating a few websites with it, I have never looked back. Often do I find myself looking at the UI/UX of a website instead of what I actually wanted to go on there for and wondering if I can recreate hand coded elements wight here in the designer. So with that I created this animation playground where I like to adapt, re-create or create my own element animations. I update this as often as I can so you may need to pop back every now and then for some new content. This currently has; - 10 Hover buttons - 2 Click buttons - 1 Circular hover buttons - 1 Scroll down animations - 6 Nav link styles - 1 Set of tabs - 2 search bars - 5 Social media button styles - 2 Text Animation - 2 Contact card styles - 5 Blog card styles - 3 Product card styles - 1 Product page styles Please leave a like or leave a comment of what you would like to see more of :)