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Virtual Conference Cloneable for all of those virtual conference projects that you guys are probably working on. This is powered with memberstack and webflow of course. It comes from the original Coach Template that Phil Cook designed. Huge thanks to Phil for helping start this original Coach template for all of us to use. for more work. The new design you see here includes a new count down, conference schedule, speakers and sponsors. You can test the dashboard to see the conference video's here: and 12345678 for the password. When you clone this you need to sign up for Memberstack and then click on Webflow (slide one) and then toggle template, publish the site and drop the the published site link and everything should populate there for your project. I did 4 conference projects in the past 3 months with other integrations, so message me for questions, no charge of course to point you all in the right directions with going virtual!

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