Webflow Commenting UI - Inspired by Feedback Apps

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Designed with popular feedback apps in mind. The oldest comments sit at the top, while the newest join at the bottom. Powered by Memberstack. Big shoutout to Aqeela Valley on Dribbble for the design inspiration! Key Features: → Feedback App Style: Straightforward and organized, just like your favorite feedback tools. → Chronological Order: Easy to follow discussions, from the first comment to the latest. → Powered by Memberstack: Seamless integration with your Webflow projects. Why You'll Love It: → Card-Based Layout: Clean, neat, and super user-friendly. → Customizable Look: Make it fit your site's vibe with total design freedom. → Simple Setup: Get it up and running on your site with Memberstack's easy steps. Ready to enhance your site with this cool feature? Check out our tutorial and help center for all the details. Tutorial video → In the project. Help Center Article → https://docs.memberstack.com/hc/en-us/articles/18966275380123

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