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ART ARCHIVE SOLUTION FOR PROFESSIONALS We built a complete, clean and minimal art archive based on Webflow cms. What you see is "dummy content" but fully working and all connected. It includes a dashboard, inventory cards for each artwork, full catalog as an overview, work groups for further distinction, clients and sales management, and several other lists to manage and trace the life of an artwork (in commission, in exhibition, whatever you wish). The power of Webflow made this possible – it’s only a prototype, but PM me if you are interested to get a professional art archive and inventory solution for your gallery or to manage your art as an artist or collector. Since Webflow give a professional framework, you are free to use it once you have it – no monthly subscription but a clean tool to manage your art. Could be interesting for smaller galleries and art collectors that do not want to spend 100 Dollars per month. (desktop view only for the moment)

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