KINDNESS *WIP* Cloneable Template | Version 1

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KINDNESS is still a work in progress. It's built out enough for you to use the layouts or copy and paste elements and interactions. This version of the template is advanced. It has a very specific content structure. Future templates will follow more common themes like the past templates. There are a few good interactions and layouts that can be used on your projects! The images/videos aren't compressed on this version of the template - excuse the laggy load time. You can expect a second and final version in a few weeks. The final version will have more responsive optimized layouts with updated classes, interactions, and compressed images/videos. It will be ready to be connected to jetboost and memberstack. All of the images are from and I hope you like it! :) --------- NEW FREE TEMPLATE: The new EMPATHY cloneable CMS template is published and available for everyone to clone. šŸŽ‰ Find the previous cloneable templates in my profile! šŸŽ‰

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