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REALCLEAN Carpet hired Leighton Smith of Pioneer Media to design a modern website. The design is beautifully minimal and mobile-friendly. The minimalist design features a bold logo, the company tagline and 2 clear buttons. The navigation and UX (User Experience) is clear and simple. Crisp, subtle animations impress and engage viewers— all the way to the contact form. The initial site loading animation has to be seem to be appreciated. Each of the core elements is revealed subtly and linearly. The 2 nav buttons go to an About page and a Contact page. Instead of loading a separate page (taking more time), the new page fades in over the base homepage. Loading is lightning-fast on this server. GTmetrix: 98% PageSpeed score. Pingdom: “Website loads faster than 91% of all tested websites.” Under 1 second load time! The new site was built to be simple yet elegant with a clearly-defined message. These goals have been achieved with this delightfully easy-to-use, minimalist website design.

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