WebDev For You - Daily Interaction #95

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Welcome to daily interaction #95. This demo showcases a 3d marquee on page load. For this demo I had two blocks inside of a wrapper with a perspective applied to it to create a 3d space. I also applied a self-perspective to the block themselves which seems to have altered the position of them as well. Still grasping the concept of self perspective and child perspective, but it's been a fun learning process. I then added text blocks inside of each left and right block. I set the overflow to hidden for both blocks so the text could move in and out of each block. For the animation I just have the text move in from 100% to -100% on the x-axis. The duration of the text movement is 5 seconds. The second text has a delay of 2.5 so the animation works because the text blocks have the same width. Also the easing is set to linear so the easing doesn't effect the time and the text looks like it's just passing through each block. Inspired by: https://codepen.io/comehope/pen/GdrrZq

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