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Probably the only link-in-bio kit you might need. Aiko is a simple, well-structured, beginner-friendly webflow template that provides you with various valuable components to build a personal link-in-bio profile. Aiko is suitable for your appointment profile, influencer profile, your small business, and many more. This is built from the ground up, meaning you do not have to deal with redundant webflow classes. It is not CMS integrated, which means you can use the HTML version (link at the bottom) if you cannot afford a webflow site plan and want to host it yourself. Features: šŸ¤“ Simple bio ā¤ļø Social links and CTAs šŸ† Influencer social metrics āœ… Appointment booking šŸ“ˆ Simple availability graph šŸ“° Newsletter form šŸ“– Blog section šŸŽ­ Events section šŸ”— Custom links šŸ‘— E-commerce cards šŸ“• Books and interest āš”ļø Custom ad cards more to come soon... Dark mode coming soon šŸ˜Ž Feel free to clone and share this with friends!
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