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Are you looking to monetize your content, or just build a content monetization system? Trying to take control over your content and the prices, but don't know how? We've just released our Premium Newsletter Template, helping you do exactly that - build a better content monetization system through a newsletter. Bonus points — you can have it set up in a few hours too! We've loaded this template with custom features that will make yours, and your users' experience, so much better. Some of the features include: 1. Marketing Site 2. 2 Newsletters (Free & Paid) 3. CMS management over your Newsletter content 4. CMS management over your testimonials 5. 4 Different pricing options 6. Social auth 7. Mailchimp form integration So, we're not kidding when we say this is one of the most powerful ways to earn money through a Newsletter! Included with the purchase of this template are: 1. Webflow project 2. Memberstack template ID 3. Tutorials 4. Private Slack group 5. Support

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