Bolt Carbon | A luscious landing page for a digital currency in geological sector

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Bolt Carbon is a “stable coin” - a digital currency which value is ensured by other assets. In this case, the coin’s value is collateralised by carbon storage credits. As the pressure to reduce carbon emissions is constantly growing in the corporate world, the demand and prices for carbon storages are about to explode. And since Bolt Carbon’s value correlates with those, the currency becomes a promising long-term and investment. The project was executed in two steps: first, a brand identity and design was created; then, an enticing landing page was built. The main goal of the landing page was to cover the distinctive features of the coin in a professional yet informal way. The site was built in full alignment with the brand identity; such approach ensures visual consistency through all the communication channels and therefore transmits the validity of the statements, as well as builds trust and better showcases the opportunity’s value. Live:

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