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BRAINKICK IS Rusted bicycles + poor sanitation. Does that give you an idea? How about unused car seats + biodiversity crisis? Brainkick forces you to match unused resources with personal, local and global problems to generate ideas for the circular economy. // FEATURES * Uses custom code in Webflow to pull two random CMS items and animate then in and out from an IX2 interaction. * Animated line in the page border * Lottie animation on button hover // WHY IT'S CLONEABLE Brainkick is a side project that uses the power of Webflow to help others do good. It's created by I made it cloneable in hope of allowing as many as possible see the power of thinking in unused resources. To help the climate and the environment in using what's already around. Feel free to use the technique behind the tool. // Stay tuned here on updates as it'll continue to evolve. Next features are dark mode, ability to lock resources or problems, and typing in in your own content.

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