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I designed this website to serve two conflicting purposes: 1) to communicate my visual style as an artist/desginer, and 2) to frame my work without distracting from it. I looked at drawings by Picasso, Matisse and Cocteau for inspiration. Often, artists from this group would inscribe books, posters etc. by hand. This aesthetic suits my brand; the handwritten details communicate that my work is made entirely by hand using traditional methods, and the simple typography communicates the DIY nature of my work without competing with the pieces in my portfolio. Originally I used Times New Roman and Noto Serif KR, two of the most common fonts for English and Korean, respectively. In order for the two fonts to coincide more harmoniously, I swapped Times for Times Now (by JHA) - a better match visually for Noto. Times Now is also a higher quality font in general, and the lighter weight communicates a touch of 'luxury' absent in Times New, without compromising on the desired aesthetic.