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Welcome to the Alphi hybrid blog cloneable. This cloneable is for those looking to use an external data source with Webflow while keeping the content pages indexable by search engines. *This cloneable requires an active Alphi account Summary Home page The home page includes a petite-vue component which fetches the blog posts on page load and displays the results. Blog Post Template Page The template page is what will be used by Alphi to render the page. Features - Dynamic page title, description & og image - Ability to render lists (see tags) - Attribute based Attributes ssr-for Render a list of items based on an array. Syntax: item in items where items is the source data array and item is an alias for the array element being iterated on. ssr-text Set the element's textContent property. ssr-attr:src Set the element's src property. ssr-attr:href Set the element's href property.

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