Shiny x Assistant (OpenAI + Memberstack)

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Build your own ChatGPT interface in Webflow! * Demo Login * email: password: demo1234 🤖 OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5 or 4 💬 Chat History 🔢 Formatted Responses ⚡️ Response Stream (Live) 🔒 Secured with Memberstack * Description * You can extend this cloneable and build your own user interface for ChatGPT or build a SaaS application. 🚀 Sign up to Alphi today and clone the blueprint! * Disclaimer * 1. Alphi Streaming is a NEW feature which is still in beta! 2. You are responsible for your OpenAI usage credits! 3. You should NOT remove the Memberstack node as this will allow anyone to run the flow. 4. We recommend adding usage limits for users. * Credits * OpenAI Memberstack Mast (CSS) Shard Icons (SVG) Shiny Framework (JS) Designed by Will Neeteson

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