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Career Puppy is a Career Exploration site focused on ages 16-20. Users can search through careers with data dynamically updated and aggregated from multiple trusted sources, favorite them, take a MyersBriggs Strong Assessment (think personality test but specific to careers), and be matched with careers based on results. For fun, the theme is changeable and an avatar can be selected from a selection of adorable illustrations of the mascot. Both are persistent and device independent. This was a complete branding overhaul by us including the site. The only thing that survived the original brand was the name! No Code: -Career Search Engine with Jetboost -User Profiles with Memberstack -User Favorites with Jetboost Low Code: -User Themes -User Avatars (from preset list) Full on Code: -API pulls from multiple US and State level Government sources to dynamically update Career Data -Dataviz via Charts.js and custom charts like the Cartogrid

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