Descope Authentication (with Terminal Template)

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If you're not super familiar with JavaScript, but you want to easily use Descope in your website, you can look at this template and see how you can easily show user information on your website, embed a login screen, and build a dynamic Login/Logout button that changes text depending on whether or not you're logged in. Try logging in and head to the Dashboard screen, that will show you how to embed profile and user information into your Webflow site. Under the specific Page Settings for Dashboard, you should see custom code that shows you how to use the Profile object. Descope offers full RBAC support as well, and it's as simple as including a bit of custom code in your pages to support protection based on user roles/permissions. Here is a straightforward guide on how to install Descope in your Webflow app, without using this template: Check out our website for more information:

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