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After building countless websites and experimenting with various popular frameworks such as Tailwind, BEM & Client-First we were driven to develop our very own framework: Saddle.

Much like a saddle on a mule helps maintain control, Saddle is designed to keep control over your projects. The Saddle is a Webflow framework that is designed to be easy for developers to pick up and start working. It is developer-first and the goal is to achieve a consistent structure across different projects and developers without overwhelming the person working with it. Parts of it are inspired by Tailwind, BEM, Client-First, Refokus. Our objective was to maximize reusability and utility, enabling any editor to enhance functionality effortlessly by incorporating a component or attribute to a page or element. For instance, implementing a fade-in animation using GSAP could be achieved by targeting any element with the "fade-in" attribute. This approach is efficient, customizable, and adaptable.

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