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This virtual timer was modelled after a clever countdown timer design by The website + visual interactions were made in Webflow, the audio is from, the red circle animation is from, and the code which plays the audio was generated by me in ChatGPT. Scroll down past the instructions to see a quick video tutorial which explains how it works. Timer Instructions 60 Minute Time Timer Refresh the page. The timer resets itself to 60 minutes anytime the page reloads. 55-5 Minute Time Timer Simply hover and click on the time you want. This will wind the virtual timer automatically and begin the countdown. When time is up, a relaxing and slow-to-build audio file will begin to play. How to Build a Virtual Timer The following video is about 8 minutes long and explain how the project works. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment in the Loom video.

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