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Tive is a growing Boston-based startup responsible for best-in-class tracker software and hardware. Andy Fercu, Tive’s VP of Product, entrusted us with the mission to rethink and build their whole new website. He told us their concern about their product meeting the highest demands of logistics managers, transportation directors, and warehouse workers. Something they didn’t exactly know how to translate into a website. But we did! We started working from scratch, changing their previous web architecture. We made visible success stories, and unified related sections to have fewer pages thus facilitating navigation. Regarding the look & feel, we relied on the dark mode to highlight the white UI of Tive’s dashboard, which also provided a stylish interface. The most challenging part of building Tive’s new website was the animations though. Inspired by Apple’s site, we suggested the idea of a scroll animation that runs smoothly along with the product narrative.

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