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Fully Customizable Video Commenting šŸŽ„ YouTube-inspired commenting section for Videos in Webflow. Experience the thrill of real-time engagement where the newest comments take the spotlight at the top, dynamically pushing older ones down. All seamlessly powered by Memberstack. Key Features: ā†’ YouTube-Style Interaction: Familiar, user-friendly comment layout to boost viewer engagement. ā†’ Top-Down Comment Display: Newest insights and interactions always front and center. ā†’ Memberstack Integration: Flawless, powerful backend support for your Webflow site. Other Highlights: ā†’ 100% Customizable UI: Tailor every aspect to fit your video platform's unique style. ā†’ Effortless Setup: Quick, easy integration with Memberstack, complete with step-by-step guidance. Tutorial video ā†’ In the project. Help Center Article ā†’

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