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A collection of components for Webflow projects. Each one with its own video tutorial. 1) Three responsive flexbox patterns 2) Quick and easy responsive grid borders 3) No code immersive grid gallery 4) Infinite marquee with stop on hover, an attributes-only solution 5) GSAP Trail Image effect, an attributes-only solution 6) Automatically open a dropdown on page load, an attributes-only solution 7) Canvas cursor tracking effect, an attributes-only solution 8) Webflow's website navbar and mega menu, built by using new Webflow components 9) Distortion draggable slider, an attributes-only solution 10) Growing link underline interaction on hover 11) GSAP button on-hover interaction, an attributes-only solution 12) No-code premium scrolling gallery Wanna take a deeper look at what's inside? Feel free to visit my YouTube channel:
madeinwebflowcomponentsflexboxgridwhilescrollinggallerybackgroundvideoaward winningtextanimationtextmaskinginfinitemarqueeaccessibilityattributescssgsapimagetrailgreensockdropdowndropdownmenucanvascursornavbarmegamenuslidercmsslider

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