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World's Greatest Internship is bridging the gap between the best emerging creative talent and the most innovative companies large and small. We enable connections between people who care about culture and the business of creativity. The program is an open invitation for hybrid emerging creatives, the lateral thinkers out there—part designer, writer, strategist, entrepreneur, artist, culture maker, and contributor. Interns embark on a paid 6 month journey with stops at top creative companies doing top work. Travel and lodging expenses are covered by the program. Past agencies include Base, Butchershop, Character, COLLINS, Gretel, Koto, Listen, Made Thought, Parkside, Prophet, Re, and W2O World's Greatest Internship is live for its third edition. We wanted to see how we can streamline different platforms and costs by using Webflow, Memberstack, and Zapier. Hope you enjoy it. Know any emerging creatives looking to get their start? send 'em our way!

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