Advanced Webflow Forms - Multi Steps & Conditional Logic

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Important note: This project is no longer maintained in favor of the upcoming (and more advanced) Form Logic project that I'm working on in Finsweet. Feel free to play around with this app as much as you want, but I recommend you don't use it in serious projects as I won't be offering any support for it! ------------------------------------- Use this builder tool to create advanced forms in just a few clicks, without writing one single line of code! MULTI STEPS - Multiple steps with input validation - Additional options like alerts, custom interactions, displaying values, sending hidden forms, and much more. CONDITIONAL LOGIC - Build workflows that show, hide, enable, disable, require or unrequire inputs depending on your logic. - Trigger custom animations when your conditions are met. More features comming soon. Play around with the builder and let me know if you find any bug, have a request, or need help using it.

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