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EDIT: Hey all — thanks so much for all the interest in rolling this out in your own cities and states. Ben and I have just rolled out a V2 that you can actively clone and download now: This version is now deprecated. Please visit the above URL for more info. -------- Hey folks — Ben Parker (@rileyrichter), Nick Brown (@nickbrownokc), and I built this website to help support our home city's small business community. The stack here is: Webflow, Integromat, and Jetboost. We'll update this project description shortly with a video on how you can set this whole thing up yourself. In the meantime, feel free to clone away! EDIT: Ben recorded an overview video here! Check it out: EDIT 2: Some folks were asking about Integromat, so Ben created a video that goes into more detail on our Integromat setup. Find it here:

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