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This project represented a particular challenge for me because CCYC was a totally new organization (still in the process of filing for non-profit status). Thus, they had no pre-developed copy, no pictures, and no real brand identity. Not even a pic of their staff all together! As a result, I had to engineer some creative solutions. One of my biggest priorities was to make the site seem much larger than it actually is. I accomplished this by establishing a deep interlinking structure, so that a visitor could navigate anywhere on the site very easily without relying just on the nav bar or footer. The organization also brought me on to fully develop their messaging and brand identity since they're brand new. So pretty much every aspect of the brand that you see here was developed as part of this project. Probably my favorite things about the site are the nav bar, the dynamic countdown to kick-off date, and the general user experience while navigating around the site.

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