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Hello everyone! ✌️ I'm publishing PRESENT magazine and build a new website and digital platform for it. I managed to built almost everything I dreamt of for it with Webflow, and this is an ongoing project. The STREAM is the heart of the website, where all content comes together in a array of different media and treatments. Going deeper from there reveals lots of custom designs for essays, interviews, and more. The ARCHIVE is a sortable index of all content in the STREAM. PRESENT started with a Kickstarter campaign and is now sold in over 25 stores on four continents and counting. With the online platform I'm hoping to reach a wider audience and continue building a strong and loving international community. The mission to inspire starting by producing stories from around the world on creation, discipline, self-care and awareness, through the lens of makers and creators. Hope you enjoy and I'm happy for any feedback, tipps and comments! Hugo