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breakthru is a curated list of 40+ self-care tools & resources. It's not easy to find mental health solutions on the internet. Spend less time searching and more time working on your mental well being by trying out apps, podcasts, newsletters on breakthru. - I love self work. I love new ways of doing things. That made me an early adopter of Sayana, Headspace, Balance and others. And every time it fits me, I feel the need to spread these health products to everyone around me. A few months ago, I designed and built most of this list in 24h at the Webflow Global Maker Day. In March, I revamped it and changed the name, added more tools. I can now officially publish "breakthru" :) My goal is to share what these awesome companies and individuals have been building to help us all feel better, track our mood, resolve our traumas, through those awesome tools.

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