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Hey everyone ✌️ Excited to showcase my first no-code thing. πŸ“š is a curated programming books recommendations from all the programming books list I was able to find on the web. 6 months ago, I wondered what was the most recommended programming books of all-time. So I asked Google about it and compiled all the results in one big list. I shared the results on Twitter and on my blog and had many people asking me to do this for languages, frameworks, techno. So I did 😊 And this is how was born. So far I compiled more than 7,000 recommendations from more than 500 lists but I don't plan to stop here. So, what's next for πŸ“š Completing 1 recommendation list every week for the next 6 months πŸ“ Writing other sorts of curated lists πŸ“© Planning a weekly newsletter with recommendations and new interesting releases Let me know if you'd love one list in particular in the comments and I'll add it to the listπŸ‘‡

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