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Baracas is a felted lounge with elegant yet contemporary touches, where you can taste the food, you can have fun with your loved ones and share signature cocktails. Highly specialized service and best cooks of the city are here to host memorable time for visitors in an atmosphere created to relax and gaze the sunset. We designed and developed this website with minimalism in mind yet with some premium features and animations. This site includes a fully custom reservation form that is automatically taking reservation information and streamlines it to the current lounge bar via zapier and a calendar, allowing the managers and staff to know exactly how many people, what time and date they will be expecting any guests. ----- Was this helpful? Here's how you can thank us: ❤️ Give a heart by liking. 💬 Leave a comment. ➕ Follow us for more clonable templates. Hire us by sending an email at

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