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This is a site that I designed for a child therapist. I started the design with a color scheme based on the bright primary colors associated with children’s building blocks, to tie the color scheme to children. To tie the colors to the therapist, I reduced them to yellow, which conveys optimism, and blue, which conveys trust, and muted both colors to look calm and professional. For the opening screen, I chose an image that conveys trust and support between a powerful adult and a vulnerable child. I then persuaded my client to take pictures of her interacting with her daughter to personalize the message and further establish her trustworthiness. In a structural sense, I also used each of these photos to tie together the home page, where they are first introduced, to the separate interior pages where they are each linked to and also featured, which adds visual continuity to the site’s structure and navigation. Each page is concludes with a simple, personalized call-to-action.

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