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We wanted to create an impactful and engaging experience for users. To achieve this, we embarked on a redesign of Ecocentro's website, starting with the brand image. We selected a color scheme to represent quality, leadership, and strength. In addition, ewe added large animations to the page to showcase the competitive advantages of Ecocentro's products. These animations were designed to be visually striking and interactive, grabbing the user's attention and holding it as they learn about the brand's offerings. We also included a new layout, which made it easier for users to navigate the site. We made sure to prioritize the most important information, at the top of the page, so users could quickly understand what the brand has to offer. Overall, Ecocentro's website was a success, resulting in a more engaging, user-friendly, and impactful site that reflects the brand's strength and leadership in the market.

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