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Leadsify is a web design leads service built to help web designers easily grow their design business. Finding new clients can be difficult, especially for new web designers and agencies. That's why we created Leadsify. With Leadsify you'll receive laser-targeted leads from companies that are in drastic need of a website redesign. All Leadsify web design leads include: ✅ Companies with old, out-dated sites that need a redesign ✅ Company industry data ✅ Verified company & employee contact info ✅ Website technology info ✅ Website platform/CMS ✅ Company location and much more.. New leads are added daily to your Leadsify account and you can easily search & filter leads based on your needs. Easily track your progress: ❤️ Save and favorite leads 👉 Track contacted leads 💰 Track new clients Check it out via ============== Design via @tycreated cloneable Search: Jetboost Class system: Client-first Finsweet Follow me on Twitter:

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