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Overview: Ledger Nano X is a product I used since 2016. I loved the project & decided to redesign the landing page 8 years later. For that I used scroll-trigger similar to what is used in Apple. The site received an award on Behance. 1 year later I began giving this project as a test to developers coming wanting to get employment at our agency, all of whom failed it & could not acomplish within 7days. I decided to give it a go & completed it in 14h. Features: 1. The navigation was used with vanilla JS & some CSS 🔥 2. The logo is embeded as SVG & animated through CSS 🔥 3. Custom CSS for hover interactions 🔥 4. Ukiyo Parallax Library 🔥 5. Apple like scroll-trigger done natively in Webflow 🔥 6. Auto rotating tabs using Webflow JS + JS 🔥 7. Swiper slider (Swiper.JS) 🔥

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