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Overview: Cosmos is the first project I ever completed in Webflow on my own. While it was in the same visually, except for the countup animations, I have touched it up in order to make the project have cleaner code, use less unnecessary javascript, and improve the SEO performance of the page. Details: While most things remain the same, the navigation effect was initially created using 2 navigation elements. This is a poor practice for SEO. I changed it to 1 element + vanilla JS for the effect. I also replaced a large portion of hover animations & used custom css animations instead. This way, less unnecessary JS is used and therefore, cleaner & better performing code. The last touchup were countup animations using finsweet attributes for integers & jQuery + ajax for decimals. Disclaimer: The site was not designed by me. In fact it already exists & here's the url of that site: . The project I made was for educational purposes only!

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